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About Us

Intelligent Waste Management



IWASTE was born out of an absolute passion for what we do, and what we could achieve for the people around us and in our own lives. Our directors have years of experience in IT and Marketing at various Corporate Companies. Through the years we came across old store rooms and landfill sites full of redundant Electrical and Electronic equipment. Well…we decided to start cleaning up.! The rest is history.

Why us?

We are a young, dynamic company that really wants to transform the E -Waste industry in South Africa. We are a majority black owned company and strive to transfer our skills to previously disadvantaged communities to uplift them and create employment for the people around them. We have the marketing and business background to make IWASTE the leading E -Waste Brand in South Africa. We have built this company with lots of enthusiasm and “CAN DO” attitude.

Company History

Iwaste was established in 2004 by a man who saw the opportunity to transform other people’s waste into opportunities and revenue. Our love for nature and passion to make a difference is the driving force behind building our Company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to divert from landfill, protect the environment and save you money.We are a modern waste management company set up to offer the best waste management service in Southern Africa. Call us today!

Our Vision

Creating and maintaining a healthy environment-leading to a greener planet through responsible actions. Join our company today and be part of the solution!

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